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The Grow Construction Odyssey

Crafting Excellence with Every Milestone

Rooted in the heart of South Africa, Grow Construction began its journey over two decades ago.

What started as a vision to elevate the construction standard has now become a reality—a company synonymous with unparalleled quality, innovative design, and sustainable development.

Our story is etched into the landscape of South Africa, with each project serving as a chapter of our unwavering dedication to excellence.



Two decades of expertise



Hotel Builds


Our Mission: Building Beyond Expectations

At Grow Construction, we are driven by a single goal: to build not just structures, but lasting relationships with our clients.

We merge traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology, ensuring every project exceeds expectations and sets new industry standards.”

Years of Experience
22 Years
Hotel Builds
Home Builds
Renovation Projects Undertaken

Multiple industry awards.

22 years. Over R700 million in project value. Multiple industry awards.

Grow Construction stands as a beacon of success, with a track record that speaks volumes about our expertise and impact.

Envisioning Tomorrow's Skylines

Our vision extends beyond the present, reaching into the future where our projects lead the way in design, functionality, and sustainability.

We aspire to be at the forefront of the construction revolution, shaping the skylines and communities for generations to come.

Meet the Architects of Success

Our team is our greatest asset. With a diverse group of industry experts, from visionary architects to meticulous engineers, we bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion to every project. Their dedication is the blueprint of our success.


Chief Operating Officer

With a distinguished tenure that spans over three decades in high-level management and leadership roles, Strauss stands as an epitome of dedication, adaptability, and business acumen. His vast experience, especially at the helm of multi-billion listed companies, speaks volumes of his expertise and unparalleled proficiency. 

Merging a relentless “CAN DO” spirit with a methodical and strategic approach, Strauss is an invaluable asset in the world of luxury construction, consistently driving corporate growth, innovation, and excellence. Bachelor’s Degree in Advanced Project Management, Graduated with distinction, achieving Cum Laude honors and an impressive score of 89% – ranked first in class.


Chief Executive Officer

Stefan Botha stands out as a versatile leader with a proven track record that spans diverse sectors, from mining to retail. His entrepreneurial spirit, underlined by his rich history of ownership and hands-on management, is complemented by an unwavering commitment to unparalleled customer experiences.

This dedication has not only led to impressive accolades and turnovers but has also fostered a unique team-building approach. Stefan prides himself on creating a familial, motivating environment for his teams. Additionally, his advanced analytical prowess, honed through specialized training, ensures he remains at the cutting edge of data-driven decision-making in business


Lead Project Manager

David Moyo is a seasoned Construction Project Manager who boasts a wealth of experience in guiding projects from their initial stages through to their successful completion. Proficient in aligning industry best practices with practical applications, David ensures that each project meets its deadlines, remains within budget, and upholds the highest quality and safety benchmarks.

His adeptness at fostering collaboration amongst diverse teams, contractors, and stakeholders, combined with his unwavering commitment to excellence, positions David as a distinguished leader in the construction sector.


Chief Financial Officer

Meet Michelle Meyer, a distinguished Chartered Accountant with extensive expertise across numerous financial terrains. Her formidable background spans the banking sector, including pivotal roles at FNB and NEDBANK, and key financial positions within major listed companies.

Michelle not only brings meticulousness and ethical rigor to the table but also offers strategic insight, developed from years navigating complex financial landscapes. Her comprehensive understanding of finance, coupled with a strategic approach in various financial roles, underscores her reputation as a reliable, insightful, and indispensable financial resource.

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